First home buyer?
Options when buying your first home

Buying your first home is an important step, and if you make the right decisions, helps form foundations for life. Making the right decision doesn't only mean finding the right property, it involves choosing the right type of loan from the lender who can best meet your needs...

Self employed?
Trying to get a loan

Today, more people are self-employed or employed on contract, this raises problems when you apprach a bank for a loan. What can you do to prove you can service a loan? Perhaps Low Documentation Loan is what you need whereby you "self-certify" your income....

Fixed rate?
Breaking a fixed rate mortgage

While it might give you peace of mind knowing exactly how much money you will be paying month in and month out till the end of the loan term, you can end up paying seriously over the odds if rates are falling as we are seeing right now...

Save money
How to save money on your home loan

In these turbulent times whether discussing working hours, holidays or many other aspects of modern life, you'd be hard pressed to find someone who wouldn't prefer to have financial flexibility. These days there are ways to make your mortgage work in your favour...

Types of loan

There are literally dozens of lending options available, with new products emerging all the time.

Lightning Fast Home Loans can help find a loan that suits your needs, advise you on loan products and the process, assist completing your loan application and submit it to your chosen lender.

Here’s a snapshot of the main types of home loans and some of their pros and cons.

View loan types

Variable rate

The most common type of loan.

Professional loan packages

Offers interest rate discounts depending on loan size.

Lo Doc Loans

A common loan type for the Self-Employed.

Consolidation Loans

Consolidate your debts and loans at a lower overall interest rate.

Building or construction loans

Loans for building a new home or a new investment property.

Non Conforming Loans

Experienced credit problems? This type of loan helps re-build your credit rating.

Business and Commercial Loans

Full range of business loan services for property finance.

Split Home Loans

Unsure whether interest rates are going up or down? You can choose a Split Rate Loan.

Bridging Home Loans

Home is for sale and you find an ideal property to buy?
The lender may assist you to purchase now.

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